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  Nomad is a Montreal-based band of six imaginative and talented musicians hailing from all over North America. The group's music telepathically weaves in-and-out of crisp structure, improvisational jungles and lyrical melody in a sublime mixture of jazz, rock and free improvisation.

  Since forming in 2012 while attending McGill University, Nomad has become a fixture in the Montreal jazz and contemporary music scene . With frequent shows at Résonance Café and Casa Del Popolo, they have developed a steady following of open-eared music connoisseurs. Outside of the city, Nomad has performed at the Toronto International Jazz Festival (2015) and toured the Maritimes and Ontario.

  Their second album “As We Are” was recorded at Breakglass Studios and was released this October at the L'Off Jazz Festival. The album captures the energy and spontaneity of the group’s live shows as well as showcasing the compositional and improvisational voices of each member.

  The group also performed recently with renowned German pianist Pablo Held during his North American tour. Next up for the group is a tour to Ontario and the United States in April 2017.

  “Rhythmic and visceral, Nomad’s music is the result of a meticulous search, an authentic collaborative spirit and a great sense of freedom.”

L'Off Festival de Montreal

  "Nomad’s ambient approach, with its unrushed, relaxing sustained tones, and their flowing exchange of creative ideas highlights how these gifted musicians listen so intently to one another."

Kerilie McDowall, CHLY

  "Last night's set at Silence - only just over an hour - was sublime and adventurous. These young musicians are not just improvising notes ... they are improvising new forms and styles of music. There's no category that I'm aware of that fits this music, and that is precisely what makes it so edgy and exciting."

Alan Armstrong, Guelph resident

  "Ce sont des musiciens aux horizons différents qui se réunissent, motivés à improviser et à aller au-delà de ce qui est prévu lorsqu’ils jouent, touchant l’essence même du style jazz"

Luca Max, Blogue Montreal Campus


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